Financial Aid


Parents are our partners to provide best education to our Wards. So we are trying to ease them on financial part of education.


After finding a good institution for wards, the main concern for parents is to make the financial arrangements for their education as it is a mighty task for many to pay a lump sum amount as college fees. But with us, you don’t need to bother about it.

To lessen parents’ burden, the institution has signed a MoU with GrayQuest which has been providing a convenient and enriching fee payment method to the students studying in private sector education institutions by availing a convenient, flexible and rewarding experience to them. It has been trusted by 2500+ institutions including most of India’s leading education Schools and Universities.

The MoU facilitates parents with the option of paying annual education fees in bite-sized Easy Monthly Installments throughout the year with almost Zero Cost Option plus a complimentary access to 35+ exclusive rewards for the child, just by paying fees through GrayQuest.